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What is your goal for your session?

Choosing the right service for your goal is very important.  Massage Therapy is not a one size fits all world.

Therapeutic Massage


Traditionally relaxation with medium to firm pressure meant to soothe the nervous system and senses

60 Minutes           $60

90 Minutes            $85

Deep Tissue Massage

Advanced therapy for releasing deeper layers of muscle.  Not recommended for the first timer as it takes time and multiple sessions to get deeper in the tissues.  Firm pressure with slow movement

60 Minutes $60

90 Minutes $85

Lymphatic Drainage

This style of massage therapy is the perfect compliment to plastic surgery, lymphedema, or detoxifying programs.  A combination of essentials oils are used to help facilitate more drainage as lighter pressure is used during the massage.

60 Minutes $70

90 Minutes  $95

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth river stones are heated to a comfortable temperature and used during the massage to create deeper muscle relaxation as the warmth of the stones seeps into the body easing the mind body and spirit.

60 Minutes    $70

90 minutes    $90

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga Massage is performed while the client is fully clothed.  A series of facilitated stretches and compressions eases you into a more flexible body and leaves you relaxed and refreshed.

60 Minutes $60

90 Minutes $85

Pre Natal Massage

PreNatal Massage is for the expectant mother and is recommended for the second and third trimester.  Safety precautions and  proper posture on the table  enable the therapist to give relaxing and nurturing massage to the  new mom helping with back pain and swelling as the circulation is improved.

60 minutes $70


The pressure points in the feet are treated to stimulate the different organs and systems of the body enhancing function.  The feet are wrapped in hot towels and massaged with essential oils to also enhance the experience.  45 Minute Treatment       $50

Sinus Treatment

The lymphatic drainage points in the neck and face are  stimulated to facilitate drainage of the sinus cavities. Hot towels and essential oils are placed on the face to help this process.   Perfect add on to Lymphatic Drainage Massage or Reflexology 25 Minute Treatment $30

Scalp Massage

Essential oils and hot towels are used to hydrate the hair as well as release tension in the scalp and neck.  Perfect add on to any massage or the Sinus Treatment 15 Minute Treatment $20